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Sara Ghalandari is an Iranian-Austrian artist born in 1987. Her artistic passion lies in exploring human relationships within space and the reuse of materials. She obtained her Bachelor's degree in Textile Art from Tehran Art University and pursued a Master's degree in Site-Specific Art from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna.
As an artist, Sara draws inspiration from mythology, symbols, and the unconscious mind, and she possesses a worldview that centers around accepting temporality and imperfection. Her ultimate goal is to create a new symbol system with broad human relevance in her artwork.

Currently based in Vienna, Sara works as a freelance artist.


-Diploma in Fine Arts / Site-specific Arts, University of         Applied Arts Vienna, 2017-2022

-BA of Textile, Tehran Art University, Tehran

-Diplom of Interior design, Tehran Computer and Science College, Tehran, 2013-2014


-Group Exhibition, What else should they be, Pamėnkalnio Gallery, lithuania, 2024
-On the New, Viennese Scenes and Beyond, Belvedere 21 
Vienna, 14 July - 15 October 2023

-Group Exhibition, Approximating, AG18 Gallery, Vienna

-Group Exhibition of the GAL, NORM-AL, Haus Wittgenstein, Vienna 2021 In der Feldforschung (1), Selected Foto Wien, 2021
-The 8th Tehran National Sculpture Biennial, 

-Group exhibition, Hospitality, Hinterland Gallery, Vienna, 2020
-Group Exhibition, Gespaltene Welt - Tod und Leben, Das Praxis Kollektiv Wollzeile, Vienna, 2020
-Solo Exhibition, Installation, Porgy and Bess, Vienna February 2020
-Group Exhibition Finissage, Installation, Site-specific art Gallery, Vienna, 2019
-The  Angewandte  Festival, Installation, University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2019
-The Essence 18 sculpture University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2018
-Group Exhibition Hands-on Trans art department University of Applied Arts, Vienna, 2017
-Felt design, International exhibition of Handicraft, Tehran, Iran, 2014-2015
-Group Exhibition Mehrin Gallery, Tehran, Iran, 2013
-Solo Exhibition, Handicraft, Arte Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Awards and Honors

  • Vanessa Preger McGillivray Award (2022)

    • Awarded by the University of Applied Arts and the City of Vienna for her Diploma Project.

  • Working Grant (2022-2023)

    • Awarded by the University of Applied Arts and the City of Vienna to support her ongoing artistic projects.

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